Please read this carefully:

This page is CUSTOM ORDER only. Everything you see here must be ordered to your specifics, colors, sizes, etc. Please be as clear as can be on your orders, and choose two colors that you would like, in the event that one may not be available.

Also be advised that custom items also take time to make, so it may take up to a week or more for smaller items, longer for a larger item (afghans).

Brimmed Hat - Youth Size

$ 15 USD

This stylish Brimmed Hat can be made in youth and adult sizes and can be made in many different colors to suit your style.


Brimmed Hat - Adult Size

$ 25 USD

This stylish Brimmed Hat can be made in youth and adult sizes and can be made in many different colors to suit your style.


Ribbon Baby Blanket

$ 35 USD

Ribbon Baby Blanket can be made in a variety of colors for Baby. Chocolate and aqua, pink and black, or just pastels, with coordinating ribbon (to be removed upon washing with easy reassemble). Ribbon will vary depending on choice of yarn color and availability. If you have your own ribbon you'd like to use, let me know and I can leave the ribbon out.

Ipod Cozy

$ 10 USD

This item is sized for an Apple Ipod Touch. The one shown is a 3rd generation, and to be honest I don't know much about the other models, but I am sure it would fit any model. It is a snug fit, and has a loop to secure the Ipod into place. Can be made in most any color, button selection is limited to what I can find. I will try and match buttons to your color selections. I will also be making some up for instant sale, so check there first to see if there is one that you like. If you see one you like, but want to change the colors, let me know and I can make one.

When ordering, please choose two colors (if you are wanting a solid color) in the event I cannot do one color. These will take up to a day or two to make, and will ship once they are completed.

*Please remember that price of shipping is included in buying price.*


Puff Beret -Adult Size

$ 20 USD

This hat can be worn in many ways. Up high on the head, pulled down low over your ears, or stuff it with your long hair.


When ordering, please specify what color you want, as well as color(s) of flower. Flower is detachable and comes with the hat, but flowers can also be ordered separately so that you can mix and match styles and colors.


Puff Beret - Youth size

$ 15 USD

Same as above, but sized for the little ones in the family.

(Will be adding a new picture later.)


Ear Flap Hat - Adult Size

$ 20 USD

This warm and comfortable hat can be made in adult or youth size. Colors are limited due to the fact that there aren't many colors of this yarn available. Please see the following link for color choices. When placing order, please let me know what color you would like.

*Note - Some of these colors are readily available to me, some of them will have to be ordered, which will take longer to make due to ordering and shipment. Yarn will not be ordered until payment for hat is received.*


Ladybug Pouch

$ 12.00 USD

This pouch, as shown, is sized for an Ipod Touch or a blackberry. I use it for my LG 900G Smartphone. It can be made larger, if you so desire.

Pouch has a loop that comes over the back and attaches at the top to secure your item safely in the pouch.

It could also be made in different colors; I have seen pink, green, even blue ladybug items.

Please specify size and color preference  when ordering.


Larger sizes, such as for a laptop cover, IPad, etc, will be an additional cost.

*Shipping is added into the price of your item.
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